As we all can understand, Microsoft cannot provide sample code for all scenarios where their API’s will be used. Neither can they think of every situation that may occur when using a specific function in a given situation.

For some time now, Microsoft has, as I found out from Somasegar’s blog, had a MSDN Wiki beta-site for all developers to contribute with code samples, bugs, errors and other valuable information. In the 2-and-some months the site has been public, 1464 edits (as of today) have been entered. My guess is that a great deal of these entries have been entered by Microsoft-employees and also MVPs. Which is great. Then I can be somewhat sure that these entries are correct.

But I am somewhat concerned about the correctness in some of the entries. Whats good is that because the site is watched by many people errors probably will be corrected, but nontheless, if entries are prone to contain errors and has to be corrected, will it not be just another forum for discussion? Who will in the end decide whats right and wrong? In some cases there will be a right and wrong, but in other cases it is harder for the reader to decide wether or not the information can be trusted.

An example is the edits on the page about performance in C#.